Pune Excursion

Singagad, the Lion Fort, is 24km south-west of Pune and makes an excellent day trip. The nearly ruined fort stands on top of a steep hill, where there are also a number of old bungalows; including one where Gandhi met with the freedom fighter Tilak in 1915.In 1670 Shivaji's general, Tanaji Malusre, led a force who scaled the steep hillside in Legends about this dramatic attack relate that the Maratha forces used trained lizards to carry ropes ropes up the hillside! A road winds up to the fort, but if you come by local bus it's a sweaty one and half to two hour walk to the top. It's a good idea to bring water and food with you. THE Pune city bus No 50 runs frequently to Sinhagad Village (from where you must walk) from 5.25 am until evening. It leaves from the 'Architect College' bus stop opposite Nehru Stadium.

 Kolhapur :

Kohlapur, on the banks of the River Panchaganga 225km south of Pune, is thought to have been an important centre of the Tantric cult associated with Shakti worship since ancient times. The town probably grew up with 250 temples in the area. It has also become a major industrial centre, but the city has retained enough Maharashtrian character to make it worthy of a stopover.

 Khandala :

Located at a distance of 120 kilometers from Mumbai, Lonavala and Khandala are two charming little hill stations on the western slopes of the Sahyadris. Lonavala is beautiful and cool hill station decorated with gurgling streams and quiet glided walks. Blessed by the nature in bounty, the hill resorts have plethora of places of Tourist Attraction in Lonavala & Khandala - Beautiful Hills, Deep Green Valleys, Huge Lakes, Historic Forts, Waterfalls, etc

 Sinhagad :

The windswept, ruined fort of Sinhagad (formerly Kandana), 26 km southwest of Pune at the top of an almost perpendicular cliff in the Bhuleshwar mountains. In 1647 Shivaji, on hearing that his general Tanaji had died capturing the fort, lamented "i hav won the fort, but lost the lion". To commemorate Tanaji's achievement, it was renamed Sinhagad, "lion fort".

 Panhala Fort :

Although it has legendary connections with the god Parashurama (Rama with the axe), the Panhala Fort was probably founded by King Raja Bhoja in the late 12th century. It covers a vast area, with massive perimeter walls over 7km in length and steep slope beneath. The Teen Darwaza ("three door") gate meant successive doors could only be approached at an awkward angle, trapping troops in the inner courtyard and allies.


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