Pune Place to Eat

Cafe Mahanaz, opposite Aurora Towers on MG Rd is a busy, no-nonsense cafe & bakery. It's good place for breakfast (great toast).

Sidewalk Cafes just south of the post office are a good place to go in the evening for a cheap meal. They offer a variety of food and cold drinks.

The Place: Touche the Sizzler, just down the street, is a popular two tier aircon restaurant specialising in sizzlers and also offer cheaper Indian, tandoori and continental dishes. The home-made icecreams are delicious. It's open for lunch & Dinner.

Kabir's, opposite, offers cheaper indian, Mughlai and tandoori and continental dishes, as well as vegetarian pizzas and burgers Both The palace and Kabir's serve cold beer.

Coffee House, also on Moledina Rd, is a trendy hang-out with slick waiters.

Cafetarium, in the atrium of the Sunder Plaza on MG Rd, is another spot for coffee and even a plate of pasta or a burger.

Kohinoor Restaurant, a little further south on MG Rd, is always busy at lunch time, serving thalis and a range of other delicious veg meals.

Cosmic Enterprises German Bakery (a place you'll end up at sooner or later if you are visiting Osho) churns out coffee, cakes and lasis and has became a bit too popular for its own good.

 Zen Restaurant
 is right behind-just the ticket after a long day of zazen. There's always an intresting international crowd of Osho sanyasins(seekers) at these palces

Gourmet Restaurant & Beer Bar, next to the bakery, is quieter but serves reasonable Indian & Chinese dishes. There's another cluster of restaurants further east along north Main Rd.


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